WordPress Full Monty: Hosting, Theme, Plugins Installation

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Service Description
You need to get started with a WordPress site but don’t know how to start?
Don’t worry, we got you covered!
We are WordPress developers.
We know the ins and outs of this CMS.
We develop premium themes and plugin as well as free plugins (available on the WordPress Extend).



Here is what this package includes:
– Domain name setup,
– Hosting setup,
– WordPress installation,
– Theme installation,
– Plugin(s) installation

## Domain Name Setup
We will setup the domain name for you.
This includes root domain settings (domain.com), e-mail nameservers and sub-domains settings (if needed).

## E-Mails Setup
We will setup your domain e-mails to use a professional service such as Google Apps (Gmail) or Outlook.com.

## Hosting Setup
Based on your needs and your targeted audience,we will select the most appropriate hosting provider for you.
You’ll register and pay for an account, then we’ll securely set everything up.

## WordPress Installation
We will install WordPress on your new hosting server.
When we install WordPress, we always keep security in mind.
All the basic mistakes many people do when setting up WordPress, well… we don’t do them.

## Theme and Plugin(s) Installation
You provide me with your theme and I install it for you.
You provide me with premium plugins and we install them for you.
You need some of the free plugins for the WordPress catalog? we install them for you.
This package includes the installation of up to 5 plugins.
You don’t know which plugins you need? Tell us about your business and we’ll tell you about the plugins!

## Why Us?
In case you didn’t notice (or didn’t read all the description ;), We offer more than just technical skills.
We will help you choose what’s best for your site based on your specific case.
WordPress installation may seem easy, but if you want it to work well, there are various things to consider upstream.
Luckily we will do all this work for you.
Briefing Details
Ready to get started? Send us a brief of your project and answer the following questions:
– What theme will you use (link)?
– What plugins do you need (links)?
– Do you need advice on useful plugins?
– Where are you located?
– Where is your main audience?
– How much traffic do you expect when the site is well established?


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