Cloud Network Drive

Cloud Network Drive
A familiar, secure and scalable network drive in the cloud for access anywhere.
Cloud Network Drive is a safe, secure network drive that can be accessed anytime, anywhere for easy file sharing and storage. Hosted in Azure, it sits on your customer’s workstations as a desktop application and functions in the same way as an on-premises computer drive. It’s great for small to medium businesses adopting a cloud-first approach, or for those moving from an end of life on-premises server,

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No matter how large their business grows there’s no additional cost to add or remove users on the network drive.

USER-FRIENDLY Easy-to-use, familiar desktop application that enables customers to go direct to File Explorer in Windows OS or Finder on Mac to locate their files.

USER SECURITY PRIVILEGES Assign security privileges to users to either grant or revoke access to certain folders or files, keeping everything secure.

SAFE & SECURE STORAGE All user data is stored in a UK or Ireland Azure datacentre that is replicated three times locally within the same datacentre to ensure data integrity.

UPGRADE IN MOMENTS Struggling for space? No problem. Users can upgrade (or downgrade) their storage at any time without losing access to data.

SEGMENT YOUR DRIVES Users can reserve storage space for specific departments or combine multiple drives for additional storage for complete flexibility.

By utilising the power of Azure storage, Fastispeed provides a simple solution that you can provision in just a few clicks.

Ideal for an easier way to navigate the complexities of Azure confi guration,

Cloud Network Drive can be managed and modified directly in the

Partition drives, easily add and remove users, and modify storage amounts to upgrade or downgrade your customers in moments.


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