Horizontal Repeated Pattern Background



Often you might need a pattern but it’s not the one that is tiled in all over direction or works as full surface pattern. You mostly need this kind of pattern for web footer/ header or you simply need a smart and creatively made border for your wall rooms.

If that’s the case, I can provide you a service to make a set of horizontally repeated graphics pattern either in common graphic files or in resize-able vector format.
For websites, you can have nicer look of it especially if you have a particular theme of website, such as nature, wildlife and or aquatic. The web footer or header element can be illustration of grass, plants, bunch of animal’s foot-prints, wavy sea surface, or repeated pattern of mountains. The benefit to have this kind of graphic is that you can embed smaller file size as it will be repeated, so that your web can load faster rather than to have bigger size of full background which is I am sure not a repeated seamless pattern too.

As for any house or building, it will help to create desired feel and atmosphere of your room interior or exterior. The kind of walls that can implement this horizontal pattern can be the kindergarten class room, baby or kids room, restaurant, or café, a creative start up office and many more.

When you already have the graphic file as the original file and you want me to make it as seamless horizontal pattern then you can go ahead order my design service!
If you haven’t gotten anything as a start or in other word you want a pattern designed from scratch, then you can order my design service with extra!

If you are not sure with what you’re looking for, you can send me inquiry to pre-discuss your project scale or time frame 🙂

The delivery file package will include:
– Hi-res JPG or PNG files if your original graphic file is NOT in vector format
– AI and EPS if your original graphic file is already in vector format.

– Read my briefing details and contact for inquiry before you hire me to avoid cancellation or job dispute!
– Design is a process, I appreciate if you are a client who doesn’t mind to open discussion and I won’t mind for any number of revisions.
– I ​WILL NOT ACCEPT your order if you’re not being clear of what you want in the first place. ​​In this case: the horizontal repeat graphic pattern description requirements and references.
– Clear description for horizontal repeat graphic pattern is part of the briefing! I only design the horizontal pattern based on your detailed request.
​- I am not responsible nor obligated to suggest you what kind of horizontal pattern to design unless you ask me and the conversation will be recorded in the job event. for any possible dispute risk.
​- I only accept design style references with clear description or visual example. The understanding of how the horizontal pattern may look based on the references could be subjective, therefore open discussion is needed and I don’t mind to revise. ​
– ​If you want cancellation, the horizontal pattern design should not be used for further development by other designer and I will ask at least a third of the total payment if I submitted any draft design.


Briefing Details

1) Provide me with 1 (one) original graphic file that you want to use for your horizontal pattern. If you don’t have one, you can include an extra service so that I can create the vector graphic or illustration for you before you order this job.
2) If your original graphic file is not in vector format file then I WILL NOT provide you a vector format as the deliverable file. Please include an extra service if you want to convert your graphic into vector format before you order the job.
3) Giving me information or description regarding to how are you going to use this horizontal pattern, will help me to design, either for web or for print.
4) The size or dimension of the pattern or the size of the media where you will apply the pattern if necessary.
5) Anything else that I should know, such as design style, colour preferences, etc.
6) The deliverable file format or background transparency requirement.

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