Magento Theme Customisation


“Service Description
We are Magento SEO experts.

“Now, our service don’t include any of the following:
① Advanced Magento Customization: Here are some of the examples what we can do within this service:
– Layout modification
– Sliders modification
– Formatting Content
– Custom menu
– Font changes
– Coding Changes
– Fixing Responsive Issues
– Integrating New Features
and any type of Advanced customization u need.
② Full Website Development: Our service includes the following:
+ Setting-up of up to 5-10 pages with your desired content and images.
+ Adding Website’s Name
+ Uploading Logo
+ Customizing Font, Size & Colours based on client’s requirements
+ Setting-up social media icons and URLs
+ Setting-up Contact Form
+ Setting-up Desired Navigation Menu/Tab
+ Fixing Any Responsive Issues
+ Fixing Any Cross Browser Issues
+ Creating a Full Backup
** Demo Installation is not included. If needed, order the extras.
③ Migration: We can move/copy your Magento website from one server/hosting/domain to another server/hosting/domain. We can do that in Zero Downtime and No Errors.
We have been doing it for several clients of mine, when they need to transfer their website from the demo server to main server.
+ Migration of ONE Magento site
+ 100% assurance that the site will look exactly as it did in its previous location. It will be an exact replica of the old site. All links/images will work accordingly with the new domain.
+ Full backup creation of your website
+ Migration will be done manually and without the assistance of any Magento plugins
+ Zero Downtime
① A brief including description of needs, goals, ideas. Please be descriptive what you need. If You need live theme customization on your server then send us these:
② Magento Login info.
③ FTP/cPanel information.
④ Domain Registrar Login details”


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